​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​York, Peel, Durham, Toronto and The Conservation Authorities Moraine Coalition (YPDT-CAMC)
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Monitoring Sites


  2. Groundwater information is collected on an on-going basis at various locations within the program study area.  This information includes groundwater levels, groundwater temperature and chemical analyses.  Within the study area there are three main groundwater monitoring networks:


    • YPDT-CAMC monitoring network;
    • Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network (PGMN) operated by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and partner Conservation Authorities (http://www.ene.gov.on.ca/environment/en/mapping/groundwater/); and
    • Monitoring by municipalities associated with water supply from groundwater sources.


    The YPDT-CAMC groundwater monitoring network collects information from select locations shown on Figure 1 and listed in Table 1.  Some of the monitoring facilities were installed by program staff and some locations were inherited from other programs as indicated in the table.  The flow system occurring with the study area is interpreted to contain various "hydrogeologic settings" including:

  3. Bedrock Valley systems carved by river and glacial erosion;
  4. Tunnel Channel settings where meltwater beneath glacial ice has eroded to various depths into existing geologic deposits;
  5. Till Plain settings where the alternating glacial-interglacial deposits laid down over the last approximately 125,000 years remain largely intact; and
  6. The Lake Iroquois Plain situated along the north shore of Lake Ontario.


    The data collected from the various monitoring locations are used to interpret the behaviour or response of the various hydrogeologic settings, and ultimately to build this knowledge into the regional flow system understanding.
20140320-fig-camc-ypdt-mon-locations.png​Figure 1: YPDT-CAMC groundwater monitoring locations.



Table 1: YPDT-CAMC groundwater monitoring locations. 
#YPDT-CAMC SiteInstalled ByInstall DateHydrogeologic Setting
1 Boston Mills RoadCAMC/YPDTSept, 2006Bedrock Valley
2 High ParkCAMC/YPDTSept, 2003Bedrock Valley
3Earl Bales ParkCAMC/YPDTSept, 2006Till Plain
4Warden AvenueGolder Assoc. for the City of TorontoJuly, 2011Till Plain
5UofT 02 (Frenchman’s Bay) U of Toronto, M. Meriano, PhD 2007​​Dec, 2008Lake Iroquois Plain
6UofT 04 (Frenchman’s Bay)U of Toronto, M. Meriano, PhD 2007Dec, 2008Lake Iroquois Plain
7UofT 05 (Frenchman’s Bay)U of Toronto, M. Meriano, PhD 2007Dec, 2008Lake Iroquois Plain
8UofT 07 (Frenchman’s Bay)U of Toronto, M. Meriano, PhD 2007Dec, 2008Lake Iroquois Plain
9UofT CherrywoodU of Toronto, R. Gerber, PhD 1999Oct, 1994Till Plain
10 IWA EE11-1M.M. Dillon LimitedDec, 1993Till Plain
11MOE GreenwoodOntario MOE (U. Sibul)April, 1972Lake Iroquois Plain
12MOE ClaremontOntario MOE (U. Sibul)April, 1972Till Plain
13UofT ClaremontU of Toronto, R. Gerber, PhD 1999Oct, 1994Till Plain
14Port Perry 4th LineGenivar for Durham RegionSept, 2006Tunnel Channel

20140324-fig-camc-all-mon-locations.png Figure 2: YPDT-CAMC, PGMN and Municipal groundwater monitoring locations.